little baby dove

little baby dove


What?Winter is back?

What??????Winter is back? The first thing I would like to do is... SCREAMING!!!!I've been waiting for spring the whole winter, now spring is away again. Can you believe that? There’s Snow!!Yes, Snow in April. It’s almost my birthday, I don't want to have a snowy birthday (it would be cool but no!)!!!If I can see Mr. Winter, I will probably (only probably) say "GO AWAY! GO AWAY! I rather spring is here instead of you!” Poor Toronto, it will be cold again.



At Toronto, flowers are growing, tulips everywhere. Sun is shining brightly, smiling to every single person. Kids playing in the yard, They have all tell us one thing, an important thing Spring is here, the happiness had spread all over this place. These features are all in front of us. Children’s eyes sparkle beautifully to show their dreams, their hopes.

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